The Power of Pilates – Peter’s Story

The Power of Pilates – Peter’s Story

We haven’t published a Power of Pilates story for a while, and we were delighted when Peter agreed to share his journey. While some members are peak athletes at the top of their game, others, like Peter have been battling ongoing health issues. We’re so privileged to be able to work in small groups here in the studio and offer individually customised programs for each and every member to reach their fitness goals – whatever they may be.

Pilates Connection Member – Peter, aged 66 from Lane Cove

What were your main reasons for starting Pilates?

I had completed some months of rehabilitation following my discharge from hospital after a serious bacterial infection, complicated by my leukemia. I wanted to build my core strength so I could once again enjoy things like bushwalking and gardening.  I also wanted to get as strong as possible for any chemotherapy I may need in the future for my leukemia.


How long have you been doing Pilates? 

6 months


What made you choose Pilates Connection?

My partner had spoken highly of Pilates Connection, and I knew I wanted a personalised exercise session with a maximum of 3 or 4 people in each class.  I also wanted an exercise program that was measured and mindful.


How has Pilates helped you?

My doctors told me “You have survived, now we want you to thrive”.  Pilates has been integral in me getting to thrive.  I have enjoyed the continual tailoring and build-up of exercises over the last six months.  My core strength has improved hugely in this time.  It is now possible for me to exercise in ways I could not have done six months ago.  Now, I can even contemplate once again hiking in the mountains of New Zealand with my son.


What’s your favourite exercise or piece of equipment?

I really enjoy the variety of exercises I do in each session and the pace at which we build up to the more strenuous exercises. I enjoy the reformer and feeling my core working against the springs.



Owner and Operator of Pilates Connection – Liane Geeves, has completed advanced certification to become a Cancer Exercise Specialist following training with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. As such, we can now offer expert assistance to those fighting a wide range of cancerous conditions with special attention to potential lymphoedema, infections, diabetes, post-surgery musculoskeletal imbalances and associated treatment protocol heart issues. For more information on our Cancer Exercise Programs – click HERE 


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