Structural Integration:

Do you have joint pains that have been bothering you for years? A restriction in your neck, hip or shoulders which may initially respond well to an adjustment, but then quickly slips right back to it’s painful, stiff place?
Perhaps it’s time for a different approach, a body work therapy called Structural Integration (S.I. or commonly known as Rolfing), which aims to align the anatomical building blocks by addressing the tensions in the body’s connective tissues, or fascial (“fasha”).

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Collagen gives fascia it’s flexibility, however over production of collagen, either through lack of exercise, trauma, or simply bad posture can cause the fascia to become locked and stiff. This can lead to compressing of joints, nerves and pain receptors, which eventually results in pain, restrictions in your ability to move, muscle deficit and ultimately injury.
SI is suitable for all ages and abilities and is a popular choice of bodywork for many professional athletes keen to increase flexibility and optimise sporting abilities.
LianeGeeves is a certified practitioner of Structural Integration, (ATSI/KMI). Her ability to identify and address areas of fascial adhesions and restrictions continues to deliver ease of movement, release from pain with long lasting results.

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Scar Tissue Therapy:

Why treating scar tissue is important.
All scars, whether from a childhood accident, surgery or trauma have the potential to have a lifelong effect on the body. This type of tissue can grow in any direction, including internally, in web like tendrils as it attempts to bring stability to the site of the injury.
It is of course part of the body’s natural healing process as fibroblasts deposit fibrous tissues in a bid to knit the wound together and return stability to the area of weakness or damage. However, the same fibrous tissues can cause the body to become pulled out of alignment, restricting function of organs and full range of movement of joints.
By gently applying just the right amount of pressure directly on the surface scar and then following the lines of tension in the deeper tissues, Scar Tissue Therapy is an effective hands-on approach in returning function and mobility to areas of the body which have become unnecessarily bound and restricted. The surface scar itself is often left feeling smoother and more colour matched to the surrounding surface tissues.

This following testimonial from Liz, a North Shore Structural Integration client perhaps explains it best:

“After only two sessions, my left arm and shoulder (the surgery side), had a greater range of movement than my right. I could scarcely believe my eyes and kept going around throwing my arms up to test the truth of it. Fascia release work on my abdominal scar also freed it, effectively ‘breaking up’ the scar tendrils that had crept out to join the scars higher up. I have restored sensation to areas previously numb. A straighter hip now makes for better balance and less weight on my left foot and knee.”

Guidelines require that scars have a degree of maturity with 6 months healing time before any Scar Tissue Therapy is applied.

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