Small Group Studio Pilates

1 hour duration – Usually 3 clients, (Max 4)
Our studio sessions offer a tailored service suitable for adults of any age and ability, from the super fit to those rehabilitating, or new to exercise. All clients enter the Studio program via a fifty minute initial consultation (IC). You’ll be given a postural assessment to help identify any areas of musculoskeletal imbalance and we discuss any specific conditions or pathologies that we may need to be mindful of as we work with you, as well as any goals that you may have. We also introduce you to the basics of the Pilates method, ensuring you are working correctly from day one.

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Following your IC, a time is selected and secured as your weekly/twice weekly appointment time. This time slot is then secured as your recurring booking until your prepaid pack of Pilates sessions is used up or expires. You are free to cancel and reschedule (subject to availability) appointments online, 24 hours notice required, or full fees apply. Please ensure all sessions are used within the expiry period.
This small group setting allows your instructor to give you exercises relevant to your strengths and weaknesses, modifying where necessary, allowing you to work at your level and progress at your pace. The close guidance and tailored service of a small group Studio Pilates session is a fun and effective way to significantly increase your strength, flexibility, balance and stability.