Cancer Exercise Programs

Exercise programs for those living with cancer

Cancer Exercise Programs

Owner and Operator of Pilates Connection – Liane Geeves, has recently completed advanced certification to become a Cancer Exercise Specialist following training with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. As such, we can now offer expert assistance to those fighting a wide range of cancerous conditions with special attention to potential lymphoedema, infections, diabetes, post-surgery musculoskeletal imbalances and associated treatment protocol heart issues.

Starting or maintaining a regular exercise program following a cancer diagnosis can help some cancer patients achieve dramatic improvements in their physiological and psychological function, helping to reduce cancer-related fatigue, modify body weight composition and giving an added boost to their immune function.  Various studies* note exercise also increased stamina, functional capacity and strength, improved self-esteem, self-confidence, treatment tolerance, satisfaction with life and decreased pain.

Pilates can play a vital role in assisting those living with cancer as it offers the perfect environment to carefully address many of the post-surgical muscular imbalances, while gently strengthening and lengthening the body and increasing the range of movement where radiation and scar tissue have robbed joint mobility.  Those with significant scarring may also benefit from Scar Tissue Therapy (provided right here in the studio within our private treatment room). No two cancer patients are the same and each person’s cancer journey is a unique experience, therefore it is vital that the exercise approach must be appropriately tailored to safely meet the needs of the individual as required on that particular part of their road to recovery.

Private Pilates sessions are essential to begin with, in a comprehensive Studio Pilates environment offering not just the Reformer, but the Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Barrels, Mat, Balls and Exercise Bands all at the disposal of the instructor allowing them to creatively construct and modify movements that challenge, support and encourage steady progressions, confidence building and recovery.  This is where the skill of a highly trained Pilates instructor comes into its own and where many will agree, that job satisfaction peaks.

Before starting any exercise program medical clearance is an absolute must for anyone with a pathology, but particularly important for those living with cancer and beyond, as there are many implications and contraindications with regard to treatment and post-surgical protocols, plus the need for eternal vigilance for the possible onset of lymphedema. That said, there is clear evidence to support that movement is medicine and as such Pilates has a lot to offer those fighting and living with Cancer.

If you’d like to know more about our services for Cancer Survivors, or those currently undergoing treatment, please contact Liane on 0400 012 693 (after midday)

Liane Geeves - Cancer Exercise Specialist

Liane Geeves:  Owner/Operator of Pilates Connection Lane Cove, Sydney.

Pilates: ITC (Diploma)

Cancer Exercise Specialist: CETI

Structural Integration Therapist:  ATSI

Scar Tissue Therapist: STRAIT Method

Hypopressive Technique Therapist: IHC

*(P.Rajarajeswaran & R.Vishnupriya, Exercise in Cancer, India J Med Paediatr Oncol. 2009 Apr-Jun; 30(2): 61-70. doi 10.4103/0971-5851.60050)

“Following intensive treatment for breast cancer last year, I wanted to get as strong and flexible as possible to prepare for surgery. I was also dealing with a lot of after effects that left my body not quite working in the same way as before. After my surgery and an unlucky run with infections, I could barely move my arm or shoulder. Pilates Connection really helped me with an individualised program to help regain movement and flexibility. The earlier ‘pre-hab’ work also made a big difference. It really is a fantastic exercise course as you build at your own pace. Today, without doubt, my core is 100% stronger than it’s ever been before. In fact my surgeon actually filmed me doing a sit up to show her other patients – she couldn’t believe it! It felt very empowering to be in control and be able to steadily build core strength on my own terms and at my own pace. LIZ - 40 something from Lane Cove ”

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