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The Power of Pilates – Rowena’s Story

As we transition to our brand new studio, we’re seeing new clients from all walks of life joining Pilates Connection for very different reasons.

Today we’d like you to meet Rowena, a Lane Cove local, small business owner, and busy mum to two boys. Rowena is fit and active, and loves playing sport, recently rupturing her ACL and injuring her knee during a netball match. To get back to playing netball, she’ll need an ACL reconstruction, and was advised by her specialist and physio to adhere to a strict rehabilitation program for 3 months prior to surgery, which has also included regular Pilates sessions.

Here’s Rowena’s journey with Pilates Connection as she heads into surgery this week …

Pilates Connection Member – Rowena from Lane Cove (40 something)

What were your main reasons for starting Pilates?

I stopped suddenly and twisted awkwardly during a recent netball match, where I also heard something in my leg  go “pop”. Scans revealed that I had a complete rupture of my ACL (the elastic like ligament that runs through the centre of your knee to provide stability), and I was off to see the physio the following day. On advice from my knee specialist, I started an intense 3 month exercise regime to help strengthen the muscles around the knee to regain stability, and get my range of motion back to normal before surgery would take place. Aside from my phsyio exercises at the gym, the surgeon suggested extra help via a tailored Pilates program would help keep me motivated and on-track.

How long have you been doing Pilates?

I’ve been attending Pilates and Barre classes at the local gym for a few years now, but after my  knee injury, I’ve been doing classes at Pilates Connection once a week for the past 10 weeks.

What made you choose Pilates Connection? 

On recommendations from my specialist and Physiotherapist. I was told it was important to find a studio that had highly qualified instructors, and small / individual classes so there would be someone to tailor my program each week and check for correct form during exercises.

How has Pilates helped you?

I’ve loved the fact that there isn’t a set routine each week, and exercises on the day are determined by how my knee and body was feeling at the time. I’ve spent a lot of time working on my range of motion through very specific isolation exercises and have been able to increase the intensity of these as I got stronger. I’ve really felt a big difference in my glutes, core and hamstrings, which have all been strengthened to help the stability of my knee. I’m now due to have knee surgery this week, and will return back to Pilates Connection soon to continue my post-surgery rehab, with a view to get back on the netball court as soon as possible!

What’s your favourite exercise or piece of equipment?

Probably the reformer, as there are so many variations on the exercises you can do. I also love the fact that you can load up the springs to make things more challenging, and it’s a killer on the core exercises!

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5 Reasons You Will Love Pilates Connection Jumpboard Reformer Classes

Reformer jump board

Since introducing Pilates Reformer Classes, it has become quite apparent that our Jumpboard Pilates Reformer Classes are one of the most popular classes. If you have never taken a Jumpboard Reformer Class you and your legs are missing out. The jumpboard is a padded plate that replaces the foot bar on the reformer and provides an excellent and non-weight bearing method to increase heart rate. The Jumpboard workout is safe and much easier on the joints than running. There is no jarring of the knee joints.


  1. Low Impact

    You are “jumping” while lying down. The low impact exercise gives you the aerobic benefit of a rebounder while protecting your knees and back from the jarring impact of landing.
  2. Abs

    Yes, using the jumpboard is a great abdominal workout. Your abdominals need to work overtime on a light spring setting.

  3. Calorie Burn

    This is the class where you will feel the burn. You can control the intensity.

  4. Exercise While Lying Down

    We would like to say this will be the most fun you have lying down, but you may not agree with this. However the non-weight bearing method is excellent for those who have knee and ankle issues.

  5. Get Your Heart Rate Up

    It’s a cardio work out so your heart rate will increase!! Now how many workouts lying down do you get your heart rate up?


If you would like to try the Jumpboard Reformer Class, the first class is free. We think you will love it. Book online here.


5 Everyday Activities that Compress Your Spine – Pilates Connection Lane Cove

pilates equipment

pilates equipment

Everyday we do activities that can lead to spinal compression without realising it.

Put you hand up if you:

  1. Slouch over a desk or a computer all day;
  2. Carry a baby on your hip for hours;
  3. Carry a very heavy ( but incredibly good looking tote) all day;
  4. Read Text messages all day on your phone;
  5. You have more high heels than Carrie Bradshaw and you wear them every day.

If you do any of the the above you are a candidate for spine compression.   Spinal Compression can start from you neck and go all the way down to your your lower spine.  If you spine is compressed you can experience numbness, weakness and pain.  Compression can also put some pressure on your internal organs.

To alleviate this compression you need to work on your core strength.   This is where Pilates can help.  Pilates works on strengthening your core and lengthening your muscles.  We can work with you in our  studio group classes or you may like to take our Reformer Group Classes.   We really concentrate on working with you to improve your posture and core strength.  Anyone who has attended our classes will attest to the fact that we talk about posture and core strenght every day!!

However there are a few things you can do to improve your posture now:

  • Be mindful of your posture, concentrate on sitting up straight and not slouching.
  • If you spend hours at a desk, get up once an hour and  walk around.
  • Take a break from the high heels and find some glam flats.
  • Clear out that tote bag and only carry around what is necessary (do you really need 20 pens in your bag??)

Pilates Connection would love to see you in our state of the art full service  Pilates Studio.  Your first  Reformer Class is free.

If you would like to book you can either use this link or call us on 0400 012 693

Top Five Reasons For Exercising with a Friend

Research has consistently shown that exercise is greatly enhanced when you are with a friend or in a group setting.  Our new Reformer Classes at Pilates Connection is a great way to exercise with a friend.  Here are just five reasons why bringing a friend along to Pilates will give you a boost..



Time Flies

Working along side a friend, is a great way to make the time go faster.  It is always fun to chat and laugh while you sweat.

You are less likely to cancel a workout

Exercising with a friend comes with a side benefit: you’ll be more likely to do it. If not, you will be disappointing someone else by cancelling the workout. It is all about accountability, and a good way to remember and carry through on your commitment to enhance your fitness and your health.  Just ask yourself, how many times have you made plans and then cancelled them, when you are doing an activity on you own.  Yes group pressure really does work.

It Boosts Your Competitive Spirit

A study of 1,000 women found that 64 per cent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes with friends will push themselves harder than if they went alone. This in turn has the added benefit of getting more out of your workout and burning more calories.

Shared Goals

When exercising, it is a good idea to set goals, if you set a goals with a friend, you are more likely to achieve them.

You Get to Hang Out After the Workout

When you exercise with a friend, it is not only a workout but a social occasion.  Many of our clients at Pilates Connection, after a class or a studio appointment, will head down to one of the many great coffee shops in Lane Cove and have a chat and a coffee after class.

Pilates Connection has a number of different Group Reformer Classes for you to try.  Situated in Lane Cove, we have a brand new studio space and new Reformers for you to try.  Your first reformer class is free – so you have nothing to lose.

Our expert team of professional Pilates instructors will guide you through a 50 minutes session of body sculpting fun, ensuring you are connecting correctly and getting the maximum out of every exercise.

We offer a variety of Pilates Reformer group classes, Reformer for Golfers, Reformer Booty Buster, Reformer Team Challenge, Reformer Jump Board, Man Up on the Reformer and Reformer Tower to mention a few, but we suggest newbies start with a few Reformer Basics Classes.



So grab a friend and come along and try out our Reformer Classes –  you will not be disappointed.

If you would like to book you can either use this link or call us on 0400 012 693