Why is good posture important?

Why is good posture important?

Stand up straight – stop slouching ! It’s probably something we keep telling our children – especially teens,  who seem to be forever hunched over a screen, but chances are, our own posture is far from perfect. Whether it’s using the lap top on the couch, lifting heavy items the wrong way, wearing poor supporting shoes, or lugging around a heavy handbag or backpack on one shoulder, there is plenty we can do to correct our postural alignment. Your posture is the foundation for every movement your body makes and can determine how well your body adapts to the stresses on it.

Here is a wonderful short 4 minute video that explains what poor posture is, what causes it, and why being out of alignment is so bad for your body.

If you’re concerned about poor posture, and the related aches, pains, and headaches it may be causing, please let us know next time you’re in class. We have a range of Pilates exercises that will help correct your posture, and build strength in targeted areas to better support your spine. For those who may have already tried a range of exercises, and are still feeling a little “stuck” in certainly areas of the body, you may be a good candidate for a Structural Integration Assessment.  Unlike massage, which works on the muscles, Structural Integration bodywork focuses on the body’s fascia – a system of connective tissue that runs throughout the body like a continuous web surrounding the muscles, bones, organs, veins and nerves, helping to give the body its shape and structure. Healthy fascia allows the muscles to slide and glide over one-another, but unhealthy fascia does the very opposite, restricting movement and pulling the body out of alignment, causing aching muscles and joint pain.

Like to find out more about Structural Integration? – please visit our North Shore Structural Integration website, or speak to Liane in the studio. As a fully qualified Structural Integration Practitioner, she can assess whether this series of treatments may be beneficial for your individual circumstances.

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