Private Studio Pilates

private pilates

Max 1 client to 1 instructor, 1 hour duration

If you’d prefer the comfort of more individual attention, then Private Studio Pilates sessions are the way to go.

If it’s your first visit to Pilates Connection, you’ll be given a postural assessment to help identify any area of musculoskeletal imbalance and we discuss any specific conditions and goals that you may have. We introduce you to the basics of the Pilates method ensuring you are working correctly from day one.

Private sessions can be very useful in the early stages of rehabilitation. This is when many people are at risk from developing compensatory patterns of movement, which may lead to bigger problems if left unaddressed.

For many, a few private sessions is the perfect way to build confidence, before entering the Small Group Studio Pilates environment.

All private sessions are by appointment. You are free to cancel appointments, 24 hours notice required.
Please ensure all sessions are used within expiry period

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