Pregnancy Pilates

cadilac pregnancy pilatesPilates is one of the safest and effective ways to stay strong during your pregnancy. By gently strengthening and conditioning the muscles that help support the load of the growing baby, many women claim to have a more successful pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

” I first came to Pilates Connection’s classes with a view to managing a pre-existing disc bulge in my lumbar spine. When I fell pregnant I continued with Pilates Connection several times each week and remained pain free throughout my pregnancy.

During my labour, my baby was posterior and the doctor commented that I had avoided forceps or an emergency c-section as a result of my core strength.

I would recommend Pilates Connection to any one keen to get fit and stay fit for pregnancy. ”

Kristy, Balmain

Pregnancy Pilates is conducted in the tailored environment of our Small Group Studio Pilates sessions, Duet Sessions or Private Sessions. An initial consultation is required before starting a pregnancy Pilates program. Book an Initial Consultation Now, Or Call 040 012693

Ideally, you will have commenced a Pilates program as part of your getting fit for pregnancy strategy. However, with the written permission of your doctor, a consistent and tailored Pilates pregnancy program can be of great help in promoting a healthy pregnancy.

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